lntrinsical is the musical project of Rob Selles of Vancouver, Canada. Trained across multiple instruments and inspired by eclectic producers such as Caribou, Bonobo, and Kaytranada, Selles blends organic and electronic elements from an array of genres to create simultaneously upbeat and laid back beats.

Also a psychologist, the name reflects Selles' choice to pursue music production for its personal value and his hope of inspiring others to find well-being through pursuit of their own intrinsic interests.

For Fans Of: Barry Can't Swim, Kryptogram, Model Man, Bellaire, Tourist

Previous Release

Lost & Found

June 27, 2023

Bright infectious rhythms, warm instrumentation, and catchy melodies collide on Intrinsical's chill house EP Lost & Found. A reflection of Intrinsical's experiences writing the album while traveling across South America, Europe and the UK, Lost & Found is about entering uncharted territory and making new discoveries. 

Each track is a unique sonic expression of Intrinsical's influences: original recordings from the Amazon breathe life into chill lofi house opener Lost; jazz and house piano progressions are foundations for Shelter; soul and funk grooves intertwine in Lovin'; rhythms of Colombia's Caribbean coast play with jazz in Stop; while Found rounds out the album with an intimate R&B vibe.

Past Releases

The Decision Tapes

5 Singles Released in 2022

Intrinsical's five releases in 2022 were written while he contemplated upending his life to pursue a new adventure. These five house tracks speak to the emotions of this process, from contemplating what it means to go it Alone, processing Feelings of fear, building excitement and Energy, the freedom of feeling Alive, and the ultimate desire to push things Further.